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This is a live standalone web site 


All software licenses come with complete features.

We are not like others that charge for basics, and then bump the price up so you have to pay more to get the fearures you need.

With AthenaGoldTM  you get it all.

Standalone Web Sites:
Purchase user licenses for only $397
Hosting - only $30 per month

Mall / Shopping Villages
Purchase user licenses for only $895
Hosting - only $30 per month

complete prices


Opportunities now exist to become a reseller of AthenaGold™

As a reseller you can make up to $770 per sale reselling AthenaGold™

complete details


Are You a Walking Goldmine?

What you live, know, or do can make you a bundle on the Internet.

Would you trade $30 - less than the price of a cup of coffee each day - for the opportunity to make a living on the internet?


When we started AthenaGold™ development we were asked if we could provide a reasonably priced and easy to use subscription software.....we responded to the challenge and incorporated subscription/membership capability into AthenaGold™.

Then we took it even further and got the price down to where we can offer a subscription web site with all the full features of AthenaGold™ for the low price of only $397....and only $30 per month for hosting.

Now using your skills, knowledge, hobbies, or ideas you can be part of this fast growing segment of income production on the internet....and all with an overhead of only $30 per month.

Using the robust features of AthenaGold™ you can have your subscription/membership site up and running in short order.


Choose a template, click yes for subscription/membership and the module and software swings into action setting up:

the members area,
password generation and control,
page marking for public or private viewing,
plus more features related to subscription/membership sites.

Using AthenaGold's™ own wizard you can add content quickly and if you need extra pages they are only one click of the mouse away.

You choose which pages are available for public viewing and which are to be for subscribers only.

You can also set the software to give a free trial period - you choose the length and when the trial period is up the user will be denied access and requested to purchase a subscription.

Customize the emails sent out through the admin menu.


Use the templates provided by AthenaGold™ or take your own design and turn it into a template.

With AthenGold's™ flexibility you can have multiple page designs and layouts for different sections of your site.


AthenaGold™ gives you bang for the buck...only $30 per month overhead and you can be earning a monthly income offering.......

  • content
  • products
  • articles
  • training courses
  • online seminars
  •  plans
  • ebooks
  • or any other idea your paid subscribers.

The days of free on the internet are quickly disappearing and subscription/membership sites are the next step in the progression on the 'net'.

Don't be left anyone can have a subscription/membership site for less than the price of a cup of coffee each day.....and we do the installation, provide support, provide continuous software updates (software is updated using one button click).

Here is a short list of the features that are included in your AthenaGold™ generated subscription/membership site

Subscription /Membership  Non-eCommerce store options
Password Generation and retrieval   Multiple Category and sub-category options
Public and Private area selection  Automatic thumbnail resizing
Main admin control panel  Bulk image uploads individually or in zip files
Automatic Billing  Flash, voice, audio integration
eMailing system  Image Libraries
Unique Templating System  Store Search feature
Unlimited pages -depending on license chosen  Search Engine optimization settings
Multiple page designs and layouts  Gift Certificates and Coupons
Simple template adding  Meta Tag and Description for all web pages
WYSIWYG editor integrated into page design  Forums/Boards (unlimited)
Custom Templating feature  Calendar of Events (unlimited)
Special system for search engines  Dynamic Announcement and Info Display
Web Site Importing and Integration  Related Products
Database Importing  Who Also Bought
Product Importing  Rotating Products
Advanced Shopping Cart loaded with specialties  Downloadable Files
E-Commerce options  Downloadable Files Security
Unlimited Products - depends on license chosen  Custom eMails
Automatic Authorization Gateway Integration  Reports and Stats
USPS, Fedex, Airborne, and UPS API integration  DHTML Dropdown Menus
Shipping label generation for USPS, Fedex, Airborne, UPS  Auto Update Feature
Shipping modes also for USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail  Feature Details here

Now it is up to YOU -

.........we did what we were asked by providing subscription/membership web site generating software at a price that anyone can afford.

Will you take advantage of it today or be one of those who say - "Gee I wish I had done that when I had the chance".

All it takes to get on board the income producing subscription/membership phenomenon is to ORDER TODAY

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
- Try our Software for 60 days -
if you aren't completely satisfied we will refund your money no questions asked!
(custom work excluded)

(Subscription/membership module is also available in our Mall Plans)


Order Here

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