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All software licenses come with complete features.

We are not like others that charge for basics, and then bump the price up so you have to pay more to get the fearures you need.

With AthenaGoldTM  you get it all.

Standalone Web Sites:
Purchase user licenses for only $397
Hosting - only $30 per month

Mall / Shopping Villages
Purchase user licenses for only $895
Hosting - only $30 per month

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Opportunities now exist to become a reseller of AthenaGold™

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Build an internet Mall or Shopping Village
create client stores in minutes 
"starting now"

Become an Internet Landlord and collect rent from all your mall tenants

AthenaGold makes it possible for you to setup your mall in minutes and with the software's flexibility you can start leasing out web stores/sites to basically any type of business:

  • Product based businesses
  • Doctors
  • Churches
  • Lawyers
  • Car Dealers
  • Any Local Business
  • Real estate
  • Informational Businesses
  • Rental Businesses
  • Antique Dealers
  • Auctioneers
  • Homebased Businesses
  •  Basically any type of business can be accommodated by the software


Easy to use administration menu lets you access and control all the workings of your mall with just your mouse and keyboard...You have complete control.

Quick and simple administration, and AthenaGold does most of the work such as:

  • Automatic billing of clients,
  • Emails to store owners,
  • Suspending of a tenant for tardy payment,
  • Built in fail safes
  • Plus much more.


From your admin menu point and click to set up a tenant's new store, and the store is immediately set up and the new tenant sent his access information.

Then the tenant can access their new store/site and using our unique templating system and wizard the tenant is walked through entering their content for their new store/site.

Quick, simple, and with a flexibility that can only be found in AthenaGold.

Each store is a built in self-contained unit with their own access and admin menus, and you can control the size of the store/site either through space allotment or number of pages.


  1. Use your mall to collect rents only, OR, combine it with your own business - your mall is also a full blown unit that allows you to provide content, sell products, make it a membership site or subscription site, or a multi-purpose have complete flexibility and control.
  2. Tenants also have access to all the features of AthenaGold including the subscription/membership capability with the exception that as the mall administrator you can turn off this feature - this means you can charge more rent for a store that wants a subscription have complete control over can even charge different amounts to different tenants and the software will handle the different billings.
  3. Want to share in a tenants success....then rent them the store based on a percentage of the sales they generate.....the software tracks it all and bills the tenant automatically for your share of the profits.


AthenaGold was designed and built by mall owners to meet all our own needs and expectations. The software is a work in progress designed to continuously grow with the needs of the business environment of the internet.

SHORT LIST OF FEATURES       List detail can be found here

 Mall    Main admin control panel
   Store  Mall tenant control panel
 Mall    Easy Mall Store Creation
 Mall  Store  Automatic Billing
 Mall    Automatic store suspension and deletion
 Mall  Store  eMailing system for mall and individual stores
 Mall    Store Rentals based on percentage of store sales
 Mall    Multiple Store Size limitation options
 Mall  Store  Unique Templating System for web pages and Stores
 Mall  Store  Unlimited pages - simple one click
 Mall  Store  Multiple page designs and layouts within a store
 Mall    Simple template adding
 Mall  Store  WYSIWYG editor integrated into page design
 Mall  Store  Custom Templating feature(store owners request this from mall owner)
 Mall  Store  Special system for search engines
 Mall  Store  Web Site Importing and Integration
 Mall  Store  Database Importing
 Mall  Store  Product Importing
 Mall  Store  Advanced Shopping Cart loaded with specialties
 Mall  Store  E-Commerce store options
 Mall  Store  Unlimited Products - depends on license chosen
 Mall  Store  Automatic Authorization Gateway Integration
 Mall  Store  USPS, Fedex, Airborne, and UPS API integration
 Mall  Store  Shipping label generation for USPS, Fedex, Airborne, UPS
 Mall  Store  Shipping modes also for USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail
 Mall  Store  Non-eCommerce store options
 Mall  Store  Multiple Category and sub-category options
 Mall  Store  Automatic thumbnail resizing
 Mall  Store  Bulk image uploads individually or in zip files
 Mall  Store  Flash, voice, audio integration
 Mall  Store  Image Libraries
 Mall    Full Mall Search feature
   Store  Individual Store Search feature
 Mall  Store  Search Engine optimization settings
 Mall  Store  Gift Certificates and Coupons
 Mall  Store  Meta Tag and Description for all web pages
 Mall  Store  Forums/Boards (unlimited)
 Mall  Store  Calendar of Events (unlimited)
 Mall  Store  Dynamic Announcement and Info Display
 Mall  Store  Related Products
 Mall  Store  Who Also Bought
 Mall  Store  Rotating Products
 Mall    Export/Import Stores
 Mall  Store  Downloadable Files
 Mall  Store  Downloadable Files Security
 Mall  Store  Custom eMails
 Mall  Store  Reports and Stats
 Mall  Store  DHTML Dropdown Menus
 Mall  Store  Subscription / membership
 Mall  Store  Auto Update Feature


   Your mall is installed - enter your license key
   Go to the mall admin menu, choose a mall template and start adding your content
   Set up client stores with your mouse
   Set up billing for the stores using the admin menu


And you are on your way to being an Internet fact you will have at your disposal a software so powerful you can build an empire.


 Order Today to become an Internet Landlord

Purchase the users license and get started today.


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