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This is a live standalone web site 


All software licenses come with complete features.

We are not like others that charge for basics, and then bump the price up so you have to pay more to get the fearures you need.

With AthenaGoldTM  you get it all.

Standalone Web Sites:
Purchase user licenses for only $397
Hosting - only $30 per month

Mall / Shopping Villages
Purchase user licenses for only $895
Hosting - only $30 per month

complete prices


Opportunities now exist to become a reseller of AthenaGold™

As a reseller you can make up to $770 per sale reselling AthenaGold™

complete details


Most Frequently Ask Questions

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions.
If you don't find you answer here send us an email and we will be glad to help you.

Question: Can I design my own site template?
Answer: Yes AthenaGold allows you to do do just that.

Question: If I change from one template to another will I loss my content?
Answer: No you will never loose your content. However if you change to a template that does not have a certain field or is totally different your content may not show up. Some template are so different you may need to move your content to another area. But when you change back to the orginal tempate you content will reappear.

Question: If my store is in a mall and I want to have a standalone site can I do this?
Answer: Yes your store can be exported into a standalone site.

Question: Do you charge a yearly license renewal fee?
Answer: No, there is no yearly license renewal fee.

Question: I have a standalone site and now I would like to create a shopping village - can I do this?

Yes - most definitely. Simply order the mall and pay the difference between the 2 licenses. You will be supplied a new license registration number. The software will request you to enter this number, and when you do the standalone site will automatically be turned into the shopping village (mall) software.

Question: Do you have a reseller program?
Answer: Yes we do. As a reseller of AthenaGold™ software you can earn up to $770 on a sale.  If you are interested please go to this page..... resellers.

Question: You talk about hosting fees. Can I host the software wherever I want or must it be hosted with you?

Glad you asked.....let me explain.

The software is only installed on our own servers, and therefore hosting must be done with us.

AthenaGold has flexibility like no other software. To have this flexibility requires access to certain areas of a server that most hosting companies will not allow. Since they won't allow or grant this access the software cannot be installed on their servers.

Our servers are top of the line, and our hostings fees very reasonable. We also guarantee that the cost of hosting will not increase as long as you remain a client in good standing.


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