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This is a live standalone web site 


All software licenses come with complete features.

We are not like others that charge for basics, and then bump the price up so you have to pay more to get the fearures you need.

With AthenaGoldTM  you get it all.

Standalone Web Sites:
Purchase user licenses for only $397
Hosting - only $30 per month

Mall / Shopping Villages
Purchase user licenses for only $895
Hosting - only $30 per month

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Opportunities now exist to become a reseller of AthenaGold™

As a reseller you can make up to $770 per sale reselling AthenaGold™

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A Complete Web site for only $397.00

Includes everything you need to establish and build your web presence the EASY way.

 Use it for:

  • selling products
  • selling information
  • subscription/membership site
  • informational site
  • create any type of site or combination you need
  • AthenaGoldTM is a unique total package software solution for you


AthenaGoldTM provides all the tools you need to build your site and have it on-line quickly and easily.

AthenaGoldTM is one of the most advanced softwares available and provides a flexibility that no other software offers.

Our wizard will walk you through the creation of your site, and all our options included in the software are added by clicking your mouse.

Don't worry....if you have to stop setting up your site for some reason, the software will remember exactly where you left off and the wizard will welcome you back and will let you continue from the point where you stopped. Setup your keywords, select your layout (template) add your content in our content editor, select your shipping preferences, set up you shopping cart and associated processes for your shopping cart, add your products, set categories, and categorize your products, categorize your pages. When you have gone through the wizard and click the last screen the software automatically builds your site and places it on the internet. After this you can access any of the areas in your admin menu without having to use the wizard again , but if you want to use it again it is always available.

AthenaGoldTM provides an admin menu to make your movement through the software easy and provides easy access to all areas of the software.

 Mall Admin Menu

 Mall Tenant Admin Menu


 Standalone Web Site Admin Menu


Want a subscription/membership site? Then just click on yes and then the apply button and AthenaGoldTM swings into action and adds subscription/membership capability.

Don't want a search box on your site, then simply click no to it.


Want a forum for your viewers? Want more than one....not a problem....use our own unique cloning system and instantly you have another forum...need a third one, do it again...there are no limits.  Use our special configuration screen and add a title for your board, change the colors to what you want to appear to match your color scheme and you are ready to go.

Want your index design different than the rest of the problem with our templating capabilities. You can have multiple designs and layouts within your site.

Now you can add a dynamic text area to your home page or have a separate page for the dynamic text area. This area allows you to display messages on a specified date automatically. Pre-post your news, announcements, new pages, articles, etc. by the date you want it to appear on your site and the software will display on the date you specified.

You will also have one of the most advanced shopping carts available today to use to earn money has options other carts only wish they had.

And one of our special and unique features makes sure your site is always ready for the search engines when they crawl it.....sorry we won't disclose it here.

These are just a few of the features you will find in see more features please click here

Our software is so flexible it can be applied to any type or size of web site. Want to build your empire .....AthenaGoldTM can do it! Want a small 2 or 3 page minisite?....AthenaGoldTM can do it!


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