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Athena Group Acceptable Uses Policy

Athena Group expects our clients to use the Internet with responsibility, respect, courtesy, and due regard to the rights of others who may view your site or who are using our services.

Clients are expected to use their account for the purposes of maintaining a functional website, and not a storage area, or a site for storing files to be linked to other web sites.

Athena Group expressly forbids:

  • web sites with adult content of any kind (softcore and/or hardcore), including but not limited to, banner advertising for adult websites, child pornography, distribution of adult website passwords, links to adult sites of any nature that could be construed as hardcore or softcore pornography. Additionally, Athena Group will report any violation involving child exploitation to federal authorities and release any information in connection with such violation as requested by authorities.
  • web sites containing hate or racial content of any nature, or any content that could be construed as discriminating against any race or ethnic group, or any individual or groups of individuals.
  • web sites promoting or containing content relating to hacking, or cracking programs, or provision of cracks to software.
  • web sites with content or links to other sites that violates any federal or local laws or statutes, including but not restricted to, warez, illegal distribution of copyrighted materials intellectual or otherwise, child pornography, or violation of U.S. export laws.
  • web sites that promote violence, civil unrest, illegal gaming, or exploitation of individuals or groups of people.
  • web sites whose primary purpose is to store files or information for the purpose of download, or for the purpose of being linked to from other web sites.
  • web sites whose primary purpose is for file distribution of non-web ready files such as .zip, .tar, .rar, .exe, .mp3 or mirroring of a site.
  • web sites cannot have IRC Bots, or any other automation programs written in C, Perl or IRC-script used specifically in conjunction with IRC. These programs tie up system resources and are in not related to maintaining a website. Client agrees not to upload the tar file for any of these programs or to execute them within their account.
  • Client's whose accounts are found in direct violation of the above will have their accounts terminated immediately without notice and will forfeit any prepaid hosting fees.

    Athena Group reserves the right to refuse hosting to any individual, business, or group, at their sole discretion.

    Spamming Policy

    Spamming - defined as the sending of unsolicited E-mail, regardless of size or volume, to persons or businesses the sender does not know or does not have prior consent to send the message to, is expressly forbidden. This is also applicable to the spamming of newsgroups and user groups. Violation of this policy also extends to clients who send unsolicited email from a domain name or email address not affiliated or hosted with Athena Group, but who reference to a site hosted with Athena Group. This does not apply to a client's own opt-in lists, however clients must provide instructions to recipients on how to be removed from the list. Clients may not provide mailing list services to others.

    Due to the nature of a shared-server environment, and in consideration of other clients, Athena Group requests that mailing lists be sent during non-peak hours, specifically between the hours of 2:00 am and 8:00 am EST.

    Athena Group reserves the right to forbid a client from utilizing any mail sending program that would jeopardize the mail services of other clients.

    Athena Group reserves the right to terminate a client's mailing program immediately and without notification to client if client's list causes a problem with email services of other clients.

    Further, providing spamware or spam related programs is expressly forbidden.

    Athena Group reserves the right to determine what constitutes abuse of this policy. Clients whose accounts are found in violation of this policy may, at the sole discretion of Athena Group, have their account(s) terminated without notice and forfeit any prepaid hosting fees.

    Clients who have their accounts terminated due to violation of spam policy will not be reinstated as clients of Athena Group under any circumstances.


    It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all information within their web site is their own work or that they have express permission to use copyrighted work belonging to others.

    Client agrees to indemnify Athena Group of any possible litigation involving trademark or copyrighted materials violations on client's web site.

    Client agrees not to modify any copyright notices in features (Perl programs, etc.) provided by Athena Group. Modification of scripts provided by Athena Group without written permission is expressly prohibited.


    Client agrees to take full responsibility for all programs including CGI scripts executed under their account regardless of who authored or installed the program.


    Athena Group may, at any time, revise the Acceptable Uses Policy with 10 days advanced notice given to clients. Renewal of a virtual server service term with Athena Group automatically constitutes acceptance to all modifications to the Acceptable Uses Policy. Any revisions to the Acceptable Uses Policy will be in effect upon renewal of a virtual server service term with Athena Group.

    Client understands that the Acceptable Uses Policy is only a portion of our service agreement.

    Client also understands all virtual server accounts with Athena Group are governed by the Virtual Server Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy. Athena Group policies presented in this section are in addition to, and complimentary with, the Virtual Server Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy and do not negate or override any parts, or statements of the Virtual Server Agreement and Acceptable Uses Policy.



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